• Media Storage

    With the capability to take pictures and video being more common there has been a rise in what people decide to store digitally. Before, simple text files or low-resolution jpegs were the standard files, but now the quality of the media has risen and the types of files typically used have become more diverse. Almost everyone carries their family photo albums, recital videos, and baby pictures on their smartphones. However, these have finite space and eventually run out of space. It is awful when trying to capture once-in-a-lifetime events and your phone says that it is out of space.

  • Aspect Ratios

    Ever notice the different shapes when video is displayed? They al have special significance, which we review here!

  • Non Linear Editing

    Over the years as technology has evolved, so have many aspects of media production. When video could only be shot on film, the editing process was a tedious one, involving physically cutting and taping film together to form sequences. Now the process can be done on the computer, allowing for a much bigger canvas on which the editor can work.