Hot Weather Filming

Posted on Jul 19, 2019

Hot Weather Filming

Summer is here and with it comes the punishing temperatures. Most cameras can operate in any kind of weather, but can often experience issues when dealing with either extreme heat or cold. When shooting outside in the summer, it is important to understand the equipment used and the limits to which they can perform.


Like many electronic devices, cameras will not function properly if exposed to prolonged periods of high temperatures. You may have seen a phone, left in the car when its very hot or cold not work until it is able to reach a temperature balance. Though the camera may not be damaged permanently, putting such strain on the cameras could cause functional issues to occur and the life of the camera may be drastically reduced. It is important to monitor batteries and make sure they are not getting too hot during filming. If possible, shade, like and umbrella or awning, can help keep the camera cool during prolonged periods of shooting.


Hot temperatures also typically mean lots of sunlight. While we enjoy being out in the sun, we also know that it can cause damage to our skin. Camera lenses can be the same way. Extreme light entering the lens needs to be considered when setting ISO and shutter speeds, but also in the physical sense. Too much sunlight over a prolonged time can affect the inner workings of the lens, such as refracting glass and mirrors. Sun shades are available for most detachable video or camera lenses. They essentially act as sunglasses for the lens, letting the camera shoot in high light without becoming damaged or the picture being washed out.

If filming outdoors, that can mean carrying a lot of equipment. Just as it is important to take care of our equipment, one should also take care of themselves. Having lots of water if crucial to being outside during the summer days. A hat with a bill will be useful when trying to view the camera screens when it is so bright out. A change of clothes, or at least a change of socks, can help reset the day and have one feeling refreshed despite how uncomfortable the weather may be.


Anytime shooting takes place outdoors, the equipment should be looked over carefully. With many small crevices, any dirt or moisture can damage the functionality of a camera, especially in the lens areas. While we cannot control the weather, we can control how to deal with the weather. If its outside or inside, cold or hot, JP Video Productions is ready to tackle the job head on. Call us today to start your video productions journey!