Welcome to the blog!

Posted in General on May 25, 2012

I'm new to this blog thing and not sure where to begin so please be patient as I try to figure out what this blog should contain.

If anyone has any questions they would like to have answered relating to video whether its a question for personal or family videos or question about video for your business please ask.

I've been producing videos now for just over nine years, prior to that I was a graphic designer working in the print industry. I started playing with video looking for a way to get out of printing but still be able to use my creative and technical skills. I have learned a lot about video, cameras, lighting and audio. I get asked questions like, what kind of camera should I get? How can I get better audio in my video? Why are my videos so dark? If you know me, I can't answer a question with out asking a few questions myself, which usually leads to a bunch of technical jargon spewing out my mouth followed by "the glazed over eyes look" from the person asking the question.

I'm hoping this will be a place to answer some of the questions in a way you can understand.

So fire away with questions and let's get started.