Tip #2 Lighting - Top Five Ways to Improve Your Home Videos

Posted in Home Video Tips on Dec 04, 2012

Tip #2. Lighting

To shoot better video, you don’t need a more expensive camera. The key to make any video look good is in the lighting. Good lighting can make a cheap camera look good and bad lighting can make a pricy camera look bad. Make the most out of your present camera with the following lighting tips.

Set the white balance properly, this is one of the reasons video looks very blue or it may look very yellowish or orange. If your using a very in expensive camera like a point and shoot "Flip or a Kodak. you may not have control of this. Same with the iPhone no controls. So if you can eliminate multiple types of lighting. Use all day light or sun light or use all florescent lights by closing the curtains or use all incandescent lights by eliminating the others.

Use the sun, this first major source of light is also the most awesome source of light. If you are able to shoot video near a window or outside on a nice day, then position your subject one of two ways; either shoot them with the light shining directly in their face (if they can be comfortable and don’t feel the need to squint too much) or at an angle so that one side is hot and one side is not. The sun has a full spectrum of light, it renders colors well, and it’s free!  Try not to shoot at noon, because the shadows come from above and are hard avoid.  Early morning and afternoon means the light is softer, has a more golden tone, and fills your subject better.

Add an external camera light. For those of you shooting with a camera like the Kodak Zi series which performs poorly in low light, I suggest investing in a portable LED light.  There are a variety of neat light sources that you can screw into the tripod mount on the bottom of your Flip, and it includes a shoe bracket you may use to mount the light. If you have a bigger camera, you can add a bigger light; there are a lot of them out there.  Pick one that fits your budget and use it every time you shoot.  A camera light is excellent for filling in the annoying shadows on people's faces that occur when the lighting comes from above, like a gym, or an office, or outdoors at midday.