Broadcast Ads

Posted on Jun 12, 2018

Local television has long been the major resource when advertising small businesses. And while national broadcasts and online marketing have made their way into important sides of advertising, local TV remains the best way to engage with the potential client base.

An advertising campaign should possess four must-have qualities, the four things that make for an effective campaign.

Reach, frequency, recall and value.

Advertising to the right market is important. A dynamic web advertisement can do a lot for your business, but it may not hit the vital sectors of a customer base. A locally broadcast television spot guarantees your message will reach relevant and available clientele in your area.


Spots being broadcast locally also possess better frequency. Potential clients will see a commercial shown on local channels more often than national cable channels. In conjunction with the rate at which a commercial is shown, potential customers will gain recall over multiple viewings and provincial associations.

If an advertisement can achieve these features, it has already shown its value in terms of ad dollars. Focusing on a more relevant, receptive customer base will always be the best way to spend a marketing budget. This means utilizing local output, which is cheaper and has more prevalence when broadcast.

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