• Non Linear Editing

    Over the years as technology has evolved, so have many aspects of media production. When video could only be shot on film, the editing process was a tedious one, involving physically cutting and taping film together to form sequences. Now the process can be done on the computer, allowing for a much bigger canvas on which the editor can work.

  • Three Point Lighting

    Learn about the three point lighting setup for single person interviews and the different effects we can achieve.

  • Microphones

    Knowing the microphones and which to use on particular jobs is a vital aspect of film production.

  • Shot Sizes

    An individual can be framed many ways on camera. How much of the frame a subject fills determines the kind of shot it is.

  • Camera Movements

    The first on our series about filmmaking techniques, this 'Camera Movements' video covers some of the physical actions camera can experience when filming.